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Uzb, Bukhara, M. Ambar 115

Business trip?

MyBooking “Business” will allow staff to ensure hotel accommodation is fast and much cheaper than you used to pay.

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You can book a hotel in minutes!

Urgent business trips require quick and thoughtful solutions. Organizations that have entered into a partnership agreement with us get unlimited access to the reservation system , which allows you to quickly rent a hotel room without overpaying for accommodation.


Reduce travel expenses

The cost of living in a hotel does not contain commission surcharges. Our low prices are a great opportunity to reduce consumption. Free cancellation or change of reservation is available.


Simplify trip reports service works within the framework of EDS. The accounting department of the organization will need no more than 5 minutes to sign, send and receive related documents.


We help to organize hotel accommodation

Why do the largest companies of Uzbekistan cooperate with us? Everything is very simple - it is reliable and truly profitable. And also, we always have a special offer.

Are you still thinking about your employees staying on a business trip or about your own accommodation at the time of your personal business trip?

Entrust the solution to this problem to us! - the first national system of online hotel reservation in cities of Uzbekistan.


3 Trips - and Your Business Award

Make 3 reservations to get unique discounts and bonuses for future trips.

Learn more about bonuses